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Oh, tumblr how i missed you

The caption basically speaks for its self…
I have not been on tumblr in so long.
I mean there are post of pics of my IG but only because its linked to it. But other than that I haven’t been on here in a long time. I can’t even remember the last time I was on.
I thought I needed to be on tumblr 24/7 because it is the only site that fully understands me completely. But after taking the time away from Tumblr, I have survived without tumblr.!

Yes,everyone theres a world outside of tumblr. Even though I prefer Tumblr over the outside world it’s always good to take a break from social media. I am addicted to FB, IG, Twitter, and Tumblr but I spent every waking moment on tumblr because like I said before it is the only place on the internet that FULLY UNDERSTANDS ME COMPLETELY!!!!! Its crazy to think that one website can contain so much and relate to you like nothing else would.

Now I am back and I am ready to see what has been happening on here and I am going to be posting tons of blogs about stuff. Venting is one of my specialties so look for that. During my time off from tumblr I have been writing. ALOT. Like I am writing a book. I just finished writing an original song which is pretty exciting.

Yeah so if there is anything you guys want me to talk about let me know.
Oh one more thing theres a song out there from an unsigned artist that is seriously one of my fav songs like I can’t get it out of my head. I literally had a dream about that song last night.

New Americana by Halsey
You can check it out on

Bye lovers❤️😜

  • the 5 stages of tumblr

  • stage 1:

    you will understand nothing, "wtf is this" will be a reoccurring thought

  • stage 2:

    once you kind of get the hang of it, you will be on constantly and obsess over followers, even though your blog is probably still shit

  • stage three:

    probably the shortest of all the stages, you will get bored of tumblr for a while and go out in the "real world".

  • stage four:

    you realize how addicting tumblr really is and how foolish you were to believe you could just leave

  • stage five:

    tumblr becomes your life support. this stage never ends.

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